Coaching With A Passion

Life Editing was apart of my life long before I embraced it and began this journey of coaching!  Coaching is a passion that I’ve pursued in corporate settings as well as recreationally…

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Tiya The Coach

I had been coaching years before I knew what a Life Coach was.  It has always been exciting for me to see people reach for the stars and get the happiness they deserve…

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Life Editing

Rewriting your life to Reflect your dreams. 
With Tiya Cunningham-Sumter

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The Latest for the Bolder Sister…

Dating 101: Know Your Personal Brand

I love using business analogies when discussing personal dating relationships. There are ideas and tools used within organizations that are extremely effective in personal situations. For example, developing your brand. In my job training work with adults, developing...

5 Habits of the Happily Married

Why is it so inconceivable for us to believe happy marriages do exist? It might have something to do with our thinking a happily married couple doesn’t experience any challenge or stressful moments. In fact, how they handle those stressful moments is usually the...

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The Coach’s Writing Has Won Awards!

Tiya has written numerous articles for the award winning site Black and Married With Kids and was awarded Writer of the Year!

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